Aquarium Plants Catalogue

We specialize in rare aquarium plants, although we also stock some of the more common varieties. Please see our catalogue of plants below. If you see anything you like, email us at infoattheaquatank [dot] com and we'll make sure you get it.

Our catalogue is constantly updated, so please check back frequently!

Photo Scientific name Common namesort descending Light needs Temperature CO₂ needs
Barclaya Longifolia Red Barclaya Longifolia Red
Thorea hispida algae Red algae Thorea hispida algae Red algae
Eriocaulaceae sp. 'Type 2
Rotala sp. Wayanad Rotala sp. Wayanad
Schismatoglottis roseospatha Gunung Hose Kapit Schismatoglottis roseospatha "Gunung Hose" Kapit
Limnophila sp. Broad Limnophila sp. Broad Moderate
Bucephalandra Sekadau 1 Bucephalandra Sekadau 1
Micranthemum sp. Monte Carlo-3 Micranthemum sp. Monte Carlo-3
Cardamine Lyrata Moderate to high 21-26 °C
Cryptocorine scurrilis Cryptocorine scurrilis
Lindernia grandiflora Lindernia grandiflora
Ammannia Multiflora Ammannia Multiflora
 Nitella sp Nitella sp
Canastra moss Moss (Canastra moss)
Limnophila sp. Dwarf Limnophila sp. Dwarf
Bacopa Pantanal Bacopa Pantanal
Salvinia cucullata Salvinia cucullata
Lagarosiphon Codofanus Lagarosiphon Cordofanus
Ludwigia helminthorrhiza Ludwigia helminthorrhiza
Aldrovanda vesiculosa Aldrovanda vesiculosa
Eriocaulon sp. Hainan Island Eriocaulon sp. Hainan Island
Bolbitis Gua Angin Bolbitis Gua Angin
Phyllanthus Fluitans Phyllanthus Fluitans Moderate to high
Elatine orientalis Elatine Orientalis
Bolbitis sp. Haihoragoke Bolbitis sp. Haihoragoke
Nesaea Triflora Nesaea Triflora
Callicostella Pancuraji Moss (Callicostella Pancuraji)
Eriocaulon Minas Star Eriocaulon Minas Star
Eriocaulon sp. Amanomanium. Kirichima Eriocaulon sp. Amanomanum Kirishima
Elatine Triandra Elatine Triandra
Bolbitis mini Trichomanes godmannii Bolbitis MINI / Trichomanes godmannii Moderate
Rotala Singapore Rotala Singapore
Callicostella sp. Gunung Sampit Moss (Callicostella sp. Gunung Sampit)
Moss Sp. Batang Ai Moss Sp. Batang Ai
Riccia Fluitans Varieties Bolbitis auriculatum  Echinodorus opacus Trinidad   Cryptocoryne nurii Kahang   Fissidens zipelianus   Eriocaulon sp Amami   Anubias sp angustifolia Guinea   Anubias sp caladifolia  Guinea   Anubias cf  barteri coffeifolia Edea    Anubias cf  heterophylla Bidou      Anubias sp  Ebonji   Anubias cf  barteri Cameroon 2011 type   Anubias sp  Muyuka   Anubias sp Dwarf  Cameroon   Cryptocoryne elliptica Brown  Cryptocoryne cordata siamensis Rosanervig   Cryptocoryne wendtii Flamingo   Fi Riccia Fluitans (Varieties)
Vallisneria Spiralis " Leopard" Vallisneria Spiralis " Leopard" Moderate
Rhodobryum giganteum Rhodobryum giganteum
Moss Gunung Panti Johor Malaysia Moss (sp Gunung Panti Johor Malaysia)
Pogostemon. cf. Pumilus Pogostemon. cf. Pumilus
Persicaria sp Odorata Persicaria sp 'Odorata'
Hedyotis sp. Borneo Orange
Bolbitis heteroclita cuspidata Low to moderate
Rotala H’Ra Rotala H’Ra
Eriocaulon sp. Ituas Eriocaulon sp. Ituas
Syngonanthus sp. Rio Negro Syngonanthus sp. Rio Negro
Staurogyne repens brown Staurogyne repens brown
Pogostemon Meng Meng Pogostemon Meng Meng
Cryptocoryne nurii Green Telang Selatan Cryptocoryne nurii "Green", Telang Selatan
Plagiochila integerrima Plagiochila integerrima
Eriocaulon sp. King Crimson Eriocaulon sp. King Crimson
Rotala Magenta Rotala Magenta
Staurogyne Repens Staurogyne Repens
Cryptocoryne Green Gecko Cryptocoryne Green Gecko
Eriocaulon Australia Red Eriocaulon Australia Red High
Solenostoma tetragonum Solenostoma tetragonum
Rotala sp. Nanjenshan Rotala sp. Nanjenshan Moderate 22-28 °C
Eriocaulon Pineapple from Kamihata Eriocaulon Pineapple from Kamihata
Penthorum Sedoides Penthorum Sedoides
Bolbitis Gametophyte Bolbitis Gametophyte
Eriocaulon sp. Sieboldianum Eriocaulon sp. Sieboldianum
Eriocaulon Amami Oshima Eriocaulon Amami Oshima
Rotala Mexicana Red Rotala Mexicana Red
Acmella Repens Acmella Repens Moderate to high
Limnophila sp Mini Vietnam Limnophila sp Mini Vietnam Moderate to high
Eriocaulon sp. King Crimson seeds
Ragenandora sp. THENKAS Lagenandra sp. THENKASI
Bolbitis sp. Buea Bolbitis sp. Buea
Eriocaulon sp. Pedra Eriocaulon sp. Pedra
Eriocaulon Thailand Eriocaulon Thailand
Tonina sp. (5 varieties)
Riccardia Chamedryfolia Riccardia Chamedryfolia
Gratiola Aurea Gratiola Aurea Moderate 22-28 °C Yes
Eriocaulon Mang Yang Eriocaulon Mang Yang
Riccia sp. Spiny Riccia sp. Spiny
Cryptocoryne sp NILESHWAR-B Cryptocoryne sp NILESHWAR-B
Pogostemon helferi red Pogostemon helferi red
Eriocaulon Ratonagiriuni Eriocaulon Ratonagiriuni High
Mayaca sp. Paraguay Red Mayaca sp. Paraguay Red
Hygrophila balsamica Hygrophila balsamica Moderate
Gratiola viscidula Gratiola viscidula Moderate to high 22-28 °C Yes
Gratiola brevifolia Gratiola brevifolia Moderate to high 22-28 °C Yes
Mayaca Santarem red Mayaca Santarem red
Callitriche sp. Sao Paulo Callitriche sp. Sao Paulo
Eriocaulon sp. Mato Grosso Eriocaulon sp. Mato Grosso
Eriocaulon sp. Australia Eriocaulon sp. Australia
Schismatoglottis Roseospatha Gunung Hose Schismatoglottis Roseospatha Gunung Hose
Ludwigia ovalis Pink Ludwigia ovalis Pink Moderate to high 20-28 °C Yes
Ludwigia Marilia Ludwigia Marilia
Pogostemon Octopus Pogostemon Octopus Moderate to high
Mayaca sp. Pantanal dwarf Mayaca sp. Pantanal dwarf
Mayaca Sellowiniana Mayaca Sellowiniana
Hygrophila Purple Hygrophila Purple
Echinodorus tenellus green Echinodorus tenellus green
Eriocaulon Rio Banana Eriocaulon Rio Banana High
Rotala Araguaia Red Cross Rotala Araguaia Red Cross
Bacopa Japan Bacopa Japan
Eriocaulon Father Duster Eriocaulon Father Duster
Hygrophila polysperma 'Ceylon' Hygrophila polysperma 'Ceylon' Moderate
Cryptocoryne nurii "Rosen Maiden" Bt.Perah, Raub Cryptocoryne nurii "Rosen Maiden" Bt.Perah, Raub
Eriocaulon sp Malayatoor Eriocaulon sp. Malayatoor High
Riccia sp. Slender Riccia sp. Slender
Pogostemon stellatus sp. Sri Lanka long leaf Pogostemon Stellatus sp. Sri Lanka Long Leaf
Hygrophila Brown Hygrophila Brown
Eriocaulon Watery Eyes Eriocaulon Watery Eyes
Eriocaulon seeds Eriocaulon seeds
Districhphyllum Maibarae Districhphyllum Maibarae Moderate
Pogostemon sp. Dassen Pogostemon sp. Dassen
 Eriocaulon H-Ra Eriocaulon H-Ra
Ludwigia Curly sp Tornado Ludwigia Curly / sp Tornado
Pogostemon sp. Kimberley Pogostemon sp. Kimberley High
Eriocaulon sp. Hainan Island seeds Eriocaulon sp. Hainan Island (SEEDS)
Rhodobryum Giganteum Rhodobryum Giganteum Moderate to high
Eriocaulon sp. New Caledonia type 2 Eriocaulon sp. New Caledonia type 2
Persicaria Praetermissa / Ruby Persicaria Praetermissa / Ruby Moderate to high 22-28 °C Yes
Eriocaulon Goias Itaberai Eriocaulon sp. Goias Itaberai
Eriocaulon Sulawesi Eriocaulon Sulawesi
Crassula Australian Crassula Australian
Pogostemon sp. Deccanensis Pogostemon sp. Deccanensis
Eriocaulon sp Polaris seeds Eriocaulon sp. Polaris (SEEDS)
Eriocaulon sp. Bahia Eriocaulon sp. Bahia High
Pogostemon stellatus Pogostemon Stellatus High
Rotala Macrandra 'Green' / 'Wavy' Rotala Macrandra 'Green' / 'Wavy'
Bacopa Caroliniana Bacopa Caroliniana
Bolbitis Dragon Tail Bolbitis Dragon Tail
Eriocaulon Parvum Koernicke Eriocaulon Parvum Koernicke (SEEDS)
Eriocaulon sp. Amami seeds Eriocaulon sp. Amami (SEEDS)
Eriocaulon sp. San Francisco
Eriocaulon sp. Baia Eriocaulon sp. Baia
Limnophila Guinea “Needle leaf” Limnophila Guinea “Needle leaf”
Eriocaulon Yan Kedah Eriocaulon Yan Kedah
Bacopa sp. Colorata Bacopa sp. Colorata Moderate
Rotala Vietnam Rotala Vietnam
Microsorum sp. Lanjak Entimau Microsorum sp. Lanjak Entimau
Eriocaulon sp. Kyoto Kurohoshikusa seeds Eriocaulon sp. Kyoto Kurohoshikusa (SEEDS)
Vesicularia sp. Mini Christmas moss Moss (Vesicularia sp. Mini Christmas moss)
Eriocaulon sp. Bolivian 2002 Eriocaulon sp. Bolivian 2002
Eriocaulon sp. An son river Eriocaulon sp. An son river
Rotala Colorata
Limnophila sp. Laos Limnophila sp. Laos
Eriocaulon sp. Polaris From An Son River seeds Eriocaulon sp. Polaris From An Son River (SEEDS)
Moss Vietnam Moss (Vietnam Moss)
Microsorum sp. "Sg.Durin Besar" Microsorum sp. "Sg.Durin Besar"
Myriophyllum sp Guyana Myriophyllum sp Guyana Moderate to high 22-28 °C 20-25ppm
Ludwigia Mato Grosso Ludwigia Mato Grosso
Ludwigia Inclinata Cuba Ludwigia Inclinata Cuba
Limnophila Limnophila sp
Eriocaulon From Phu Yen River. Vietnam seeds Eriocaulon From Phu Yen River. Vietnam (SEEDS)
Moss foliose liverwort Bodok Moss (Foliose liverwort Bodok)
Loxogramme sp. Wave Moss Moss (Loxogramme sp. Wave Moss)
Myriophyllum sp. Roraima Myriophyllum sp. Roraima Moderate to high 22-28 °C 20~25ppm
Ludwigia Mato Grosso Ludwigia Mato Grosso
Climacium Japonicum Climacium Japonicum
Caloglossa ср. beccarii Red moss      Price: negotiated    Malaxis metallica  Price: negotiated    Bucephalandra sp. Brunei  Price: negotiated     Bolbitis sp. Jawa  Price: negotiated    Bolbitis sp. "Dwarf"  Price: negotiated   Echinodorus sp. "Saturn 2006" Termas del Arapey Uruguay  Price: negotiated    Najas sp. Roraima  Price: $6.06     Araceae sp. Halmahera  Price: negotiated    Scrophulariaceae sp. Vietnam  Price: negotiated     Bucephalandra sp. "Perfect Ghost" (Супер!) Дорого! Price: negotiated      Bolbitis sp. Caloglossa sp. beccarii / Red moss Low to moderate 22-26*
Echinodorus tenellus Echinodorus tenellus
Fissidens Mallorca Moss (Fissidens Mallorca)
Myriophyllum Tuberculatum Moderate to high 22-28 °C 20-25ppm
Crepidomanes sp. Calicut Crepidomanes sp. Calicut
Ammannia Barnun Ammannia Barnun
Limnophila sp Punctata Blume Limnophila sp Punctata Blume
Microsorum sp. Long Leaf Microsorum sp. Long Leaf
Eriocaulon sp. Polaris Eriocaulon sp. Polaris Moderate to high 24 YES
Rotala sp. Cambodia Sisophon Rotala sp. "Cambodia Sisophon"
Myriophyllum Mattogrossense Moderate to high 22-28 °C 20-25ppm
Ludwigia Alata Ludwigia Alata
Ragenandora sp. THENKAS Ragenandora sp. THENKAS
Pogostemon Yatabeanus Pogostemon Yatabeanus
Lagarosiphon Cordofanus Lagarosiphon Cordofanus
Pogostemon Thin Dudu Heidelberg Pogostemon Thin Dudu Heidelberg
Limnophila Brown Limnophila Brown
Hydrothrix Gardneri
Staurogyne Low Grow Staurogyne Low Grow
Homalomena sp. Mt.Besar Homalomena sp. Mt.Besar
Microparea Minima / Elatine Americana
Syngonanthus sp. Rio Uaupes Syngonanthus sp. Rio Uaupes
Ludwigia Marilia Ludwigia Marilia
Limnophila sp. Sulawesi Limnophila sp. Sulawesi
Anubias barteri Nana
Trithuria sp. Blood vomit Trithuria sp. Blood vomit
Ludwigia Alata Ludwigia Alata Moderate to high 21-26 °C Yes
Rotala sp. Malaysia Langkawi Island Rotala sp. Malaysia Langkawi Island
Eriocaulon sp. Heimesilatama Eriocaulon sp. Heimesilatama
Eriocaulon From Phu Yen River. Vietnam Eriocaulon From Phu Yen River. Vietnam
Persicaria Hastato-Sagittatum Persicaria Hastato-Sagittatum
Deinostema Adenocaulum Deinostema Adenocaulum
Lysimachia aurea
Microsorum sp. Kapuas narrow Microsorum sp. Kapuas narrow
Limnophila sp Belem Limnophila sp Belem
Pteridophyta X Kiat Pteridophyta X Kiat
Hygrophila Brown Hygrophila Brown Low to high 21-26 °C
Cuphea Analagoidea Cuphea Analagoidea
Microsorum narrow k Microsorum narrow k
Rotala macrandra mini Type 2
Eriocaulon sp Rio Banana Eriocaulon Rio Banana (SEEDS)
Ludwigia Mini Super Red
Moss sp. 610 Moss sp. 610
Spiranthes Odorata Spiranthes Odorata
Syngonanthus Madeira Syngonanthus Madeira
Murdania Red Murdania Red
Bucephalandra species Bucephalandra species
Rotala sp Mexicana Araguaia Rotala sp Mexicana Araguaia
Eriocaulon Ratonagiriuni seeds Eriocaulon Ratonagiriuni SEEDS High
Rotala sp. Ceylon / Rotala sp.Pink
Limnophila Sessiliflora Orange Limnophila Sessiliflora Orange
Blyxa Alternifolia   Bolbitis auriculatum Дорого. Price: negotiated   Echinodorus opacus Trinidad  Price: negotiated      Cryptocoryne nurii Kahang  Price: negotiated    Fissidens zipelianus  Price: negotiated     Eriocaulon sp. Amami  Price: negotiated     Anubias sp. "angustifolia" Guinea  Price: negotiated      Anubias sp. "caladifolia" Guinea  Price: negotiated   Anubias cf. barteri coffeifolia Edea  Price: negotiated     Anubias cf. heterophylla Bidou  Price: negotiated   Anubias sp. Ebonji  Price: negotiated   Anu Blyxa Alternifolia
Rotala sp. Maka Red Rotala sp. Maka Red
Rotala Bangladesh Rotala Bangladesh
hygrophila sp bold Hygrophila sp. 'Bold' Moderate
Hygrophila Roraima
Rotala Pussila Wayanad Rotala Pussila Wayanad
Cabomba Belem Red Cabomba Red Belem
Lagarosiphon major Lagarosiphon major
Microsorum mini needle leaves Microsorum Mini Needle Leaves
Lindernia sp. India Lindernia sp. India Moderate to high
Fissidens Khao Sok Moss (Fissidens Khao Sok)
Rotala sp. Enie Rotala sp. Enie
Poaceae sp. 'Purple Bamboo' High
Pogostemon australia Pogostemon sp. Australia Moderate to high 22-28 °C
Pleuroziopsis ruthenica & Climacium japonicum Pleuroziopsis ruthenica
Eriocaulon compressium Eriocaulon compressium
Anubias nana 'Petite' Bonsai Anubias nana 'Petite' Bonsai Anubias barteri var. bonsai
Sphaerocaryum Malaccense Sphaerocaryum Malaccense Arthraxon sp. 'Malaysia' Moderate to high
bacopa salzmannii Bacopa Salzmannii Bacopa sp. 'Araguaia' Moderate
Rotala Araguaia Rotala Araguaia Cuphea Analagoidea
Eleocharis Parvula Dwarf Hairgrass
Eriocaulon Parkeri Eriocaulon Parkeri Erio; Parker's pipewort Low to high
Eleocharis Acicularis, hairgrass Eleocharis Acicularis Hairgrass
Hemianthus callitrichoides 'Cuba', HC Cuba Hemianthus callitrichoides 'Cuba' HC Cuba
Hygrophila Lancea Sarawak Hygrophila Lancea Hygrophila 'Sarawak' Moderate Yes
Staurogyne sp Bihar Staurogyne sp. Bihar Hygrophila sp. 'Bihar' Moderate to high
Diodia cf. kuntzei Diodia cf. kuntzei Hygrophila sp. 'Pantanal', Rubiaceae sp. 'Pantanal' High
Staurogyne stolonifera, Hygrophila sp. Rio Araguaia Staurogyne stolonifera Hygrophila sp. 'Rio Araguaia' Moderate to high
Hygrophila sp. Tiger Hygrophila polysperma 'Tiger' Hygrophila sp. 'Tiger' Low
Hemigraphis Traian Hemigraphis Traian Hyptis Lorentziana High 19-30 °C
limnophila sp guinea dwarf anubria Limnophila sp. Guinea Dwarf Anubria Limnophila anubria dwarf
Limnophila Repens Limnophila Repens Limnophila sp. 'Mini' Moderate
Clinopodium CF. Brownei, Lindernia anagallis, African Congo Fern Clinopodium CF. Brownei Lindernia anagallis Moderate 22-28 °C
Ludwigia 'Araguaia' Ludwigia inclinata var. verticillata 'Araguaia' Ludwigia 'Araguaia' High
Ludwigia Guinea Ludwigia Senegalensis Ludwigia Guinea High
Ludwigia Pantanal Ludwigia inclinata var. verticillata 'Pantanal' Ludwigia Pantanal Moderate to high 19-30 °C
Ludwigia Sphaerocarpa Ludwigia Sphaerocarpa Ludwigia pilosa High
Callicostella Prabaktiana - moss sp. Sumatra Moss (Callicostella Prabaktiana) moss sp. Sumatra
Najas Roraima Najas Roraima Najas sp. Roraima
Polygonum sp. 'Sao Paulo' Polygonum sp. 'Sao Paulo' Persicaria sp. 'Sao Paulo' Moderate to high 20-28 °C
Polygonum hydropiperoides Persicaria Hydropiperoides Polygonum hydropiperoides Moderate
Polygonum sp. 'Kawagoeanum' Persicaria sp 'Kawagoeanum' Polygonum sp. 'Kawagoeanum' Moderate
Persicaria sp. 'Porto Velho' Persicaria sp. 'Porto Velho' Polygonum sp. 'Porto Velho' Moderate
Ammannia Gracilis, Red Ammannia, Pink Ammannia Ammannia Gracilis Red Ammannia, Pink Ammannia Moderate to high 22-28 °C 20-25ppm
Riccia sp. 'Dwarf' Riccia sp. 'Dwarf' Riccia Dwarf
Rotala sp. 'Goias' Rotala sp. 'Goias' Rotala Mexicana 'Goias'
Littirella uniflora Littorella uniflora Shoreweed Moderate to high 18-25 °C
Syngonanthus Belem Syngonanthus sp. Belem Tonina sp. Belem High

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